Benton City, Washington – Open for Business

Located on the Yakima River where the picturesque Yakima Valley meets the Columbia Basin, among countless acres of  fruit orchards and vineyards, you will find the quaint town of Benton City, Washington. Benton City has all the resources of a larger city, however there is still the “home town” feel. Visitors from all over the world come to experience the great wine, amazing food, and a community unlike any other in the world.

Benton City also offers many business opportunities. This stems from the commercial and industrial land/buildings that are available for new businesses. These available spots are going fast, there has been so much growth in the last few years. The great thing about Benton City is the Benton City Economic Development Council, or the BCEDC. This council is dedicated to the growth, stability, and development of Benton City’s economy. From this group business owners are able to attain much needed aid in starting a new business or just maintaining their existing one. Many places have Economic Development groups of some kind, the BCEDC strives to keep up with the ever changing business culture. There are many business owners that sit on the Board of Directors, along with community members. The BCEDC is always looking for more ways to aid the economy of Benton City, WA. If you would like to help please contact Chelsea Plank, BCEDC Secretary, at for more information.

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