Welcome to the Benton City Economic Development Council Web Site

Mission Statement:
We work to promote economic development in Benton City, by working with prospective clients seeking to locate their businesses in Benton City,
and are able to provide invaluable insight and assistance to problems and issues that may arise when trying to relocate or start a new business.

The Benton City EDC has operated for the past 15 years with great success in creating business development in Benton City. We work very close with entities outside of Benton City to bring assistance to those entities and the end user that provides a level of satisfaction that meet the needs of both parties. We work very closely with the Port of Benton , the Port of Kennewick and Benton City to provide assistance for the development of new businesses located on the Port properties located in Benton City. We also work with companies and individuals to provide assistance in the private development sector.

The Port of Benton Mission Statement:
Our purpose is to foster economic development, trade and tourism by providing quality infrastructure and multimodal transportation at a variety of sites.
If you are planning an expansion, starting a new business or relocating and need space to grow, please contact us,
We're Moving Business Forward.


The Port of Kennewick Mission Statement:
The Port of Kennewick's mission is to provide and support sound economic growth opportunities
that create jobs and/or improve the quality of life of the port district citizens.


Phone: 509-
e-mail: bcedc@bentoncityedc.org
Mailing Address:

Benton City EDC
P.O. Box 1038
Benton City,  WA. 99320
We are located @
513 9th St. in Benton City
Board of Directors:

Larry Howell-President
Bea Baker -Vice President
Linda Lehman-Secretary
Lorna Deckert- Treasurer

Board Members:
Dick Helland-Red Mountain Reality
John Haakenson-Port of Benton
Teresa Hancock-Port of Kennewick
Heather Duncan
Christie McAloon-Benton PUD

Consultant: Randal Advisory Services LLC
Randy Rutledge  509-947-7332 (cell)